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Obtain Euro Top Luxury Mattress, Hospital Bed Plain Mattress, PU Foam Sheet, Roll Over Bed And Related More Only From Us!
About Us

Those bent on comfy solutions, when it comes to beds, mattresses and pillows, should depend on Siddharth Polyfoam Private Limited. Yes, we can help you find multifarious homey solutions that match up your modern requirements like no other. We have seen how you been setting your heart on quality when it concerns to these soft products. Hence, we spare no opportunity to relieve you and thereby be your full time partner for such classic products. We respect the thin line of personal space and hence never persuade wrongly to any possible patron. Here in firm, we do everything with a mindset of pleasing our customers and for the same we make unparalleled quality for comforting our buyers. Our company has been bringing forward Rose Bonnell Spring Mattress, White Profile Bed Mattress, PU Foam Sheet, Luxury Hotel Pillow, Dormia Mattress, etc., that supersedes in perfection across borders. 

When it comes to realizing needs for such homey solutions, our company as a manufacturer carries through rigid market search. We at company, keep a tab on varying choices of our intended customers for these home care solutions. And in this manner, we keep ourselves focused on satiating requirements of our customers. Our company has brought ahead comfy solutions for use in hotel, homes, hospital and host of more spaces. We at firm, make certain aforementioned solutions are served globally at nominal rates. 

Our Mission: Wellness Is A Way of Life

The mission of our entity is to support global buyers by serving well scientifically guaranteed, stylish, comfy, long-lasting and result-oriented mattresses and other items. 

Our Vision

We are born out of India wherein majority is of middle-class and thereby to support them we keep consistency, when it comes to serving mattresses, pillows, beds and host of solutions, at nominal prices.

Our Team

Our fantastic team accoutered in proper skillset keeps us consistent in serving out the highly comfy products. It is our team possessing unflinching focus that enable it to bring forward nothing solely those mattresses or pillows, etc., that syncs with requirements of our possible users. We at business, keep up sessions and training for tutoring our members for handling customers requests in the most appropriate manner. If team would not have been cooperative then carrying through cushy jobs would not have come to us. We do everything with zero worries as we are having with us team inhabiting supreme talent.

Portfolio Advantages

Our establishment develops and manufactures such homey products utilizing high-quality basic materials like coir, cotton, feather, synthetic foam and host of others. Here in firm, we keep in mind end buyers requests and as a consequence brings forth sleep care products in various patterns, colors, designs, textures, etc. Our company pays emphasis on coming ahead with products that meet users requirements for lightweight, strength, water resistance and more. Choose our products over rest owing to these incredible advantages:

  • Our sleep care products are fit for both normal and overweight people to keep a right posture.
  • We serve items that are devoid of bacteria, fungi, dust and mites.
  • Our home or sleep care products are completely odorless and also do not sag when being used long.
  • Springy as well as soft mattresses reduce muscle pain, back ache and spine based issues.
  • Our sleep care items are hygienic and well-suited to people who suffer from respiratory or allergic problems.

Our Infrastructure

We announce manufacturing our sleep care or comfy home products using our ultra-modern infrastructure space. Here at firm, we have separated departments with an intent to carry through operations far from any issue. In view of such capacious space, we carry on voluminous manufacturing of our goods to avoid displeasing customers in order delays. All we do is carry on work for matching up demands for Dormia Mattress, Luxury Hotel Pillow, etc., in the short time frame. Our company has testing area wherein offered array is closely inspected on needed factors. Here at company, our advanced manufacturing cell includes following machines:

  • Quilting Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Tape Edge machine
  • Foam Filling Machines
  • Sewing And Stitching Machine
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